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    1. Shenzhen Zcanon Automation Co., Ltd. registered in 2003, is located in 101, Building 1, No. 65, Hongyin Road, Loucun Community, Xinhu Street, Guangming District,Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. Dongguan Huangjiang and Tangxia respectively have factories, about 160,000 square meters of production area. And set up a number of regional technical service centers throughout the country. The existing staff of more than 2,000 people, with CATL Times, BYD, LG, KNS, Qingshan Holdings, Ewell Lithium Energy, Envision AESC, AVIC Lithium Battery, Hive Energy and Sunwoda and other industry giants to establish deep trust and maintain long-term cooperation, to achieve business penetration at home and abroad.

      We focus on committed to the new energy lithium battery back-end component capacity automated production line, artificial intelligence, robots, semiconductor testing equipment, display panels and other high-end intelligent equipment solution providers. For new energy, display panels, semiconductors and other industries to provide overall planning and design, system integration, software development, equipment customization, electronic control system development, on-site installation and commissioning, customer training and after-sales service and a series of services.

      Zcanon Values

      Zcanon spiritSincerity, innovation, hard work, excellence
      Zcanon aimsCreate value for customers, create opportunities for employees, and create benefits for society!

      - Partners -

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